• Ricardo Hartley III

expressions of the queer mind

different from the rest, an immediate recognition that this is different

an exactitude of complexities that exists in the mind of the beholder

beholding emotions of attractions to the softness and curvature of the black body

oh, how I want it to hold me.

caress me.

shape me into my natural being of sexuality

forming me into a complete, whole entity of love.

allowing full transparency in exploring sexuality in the fullest extent

It is that.

I never know what or how to express the intense admiration

exclusive to the thoughts that plague my mind

floating in its water, swallowing me whole in hopes of accepting the

middle of its greatness, defining the structure while

looking into its

tragedy which,

fills the very system that negates the normalcy of expressing such homoerotic thoughts

it is making the deep isolation a necessity

a feeling inescapable from the depths of the psyche

the definition unknown but discovered


the place that rushes our mind with a million currents

waves crashing our brains with curiosity

drowning us in doubts and fears, but we’re…

waiting for it to be found and brought to the surface

with love

with care



that is. Finding peace amongst all the fear that builds up inside

--this is my understanding of love

expressive and constrained to the duty of self

unaware of how it’s hurting my person

with time…

liberation comes with acceptance

I pray I get to see the day.