• Ricardo Hartley III

love recognition .01

Updated: Jan 5

singing rain beating against my ear

giving rhythmic patterns to the drumbeat of my heart

the desperate need to feel

excitement or anything at least


is this a calling?

the savior?

my peace? slowly leaving my body and exiting into an unknown benefactor called man

or woman

it’s a concept, a spectrum of respectability

of what love can be

transcending my heart into a million butterflies to fly to


you are the one who exudes the passion that I want

the necessity of life exists inside of your beautiful black body

touching me, groping me

exciting my insides like a volcano reaching its peak eruption

the fire inside collects and released into

me, I, you, forever

intertwined in the unlimited possibilities of self

giving each other time to process the complexities of exuding such grace

time time time

is that enough? time?

We peak at imperfections, through reaching for perfection causes destruction in the masses

that’s the problem

the need to feel perfect... in love

but is it not? do we need not to feel perfect in love?

testing the holy waters of what can be but not

testing the passionate touch of un-comfortability but making it comfortable



for you


I think back to the time where i suffered in this grotesque image of loving one another

altering my ego to express such values that didn’t match mine but yours

giving you my hand and expressing the gratitude from within to you

for you. Like that i gave me up

I sacrificed the holy lamb that is my heart

your power entered and changed me

but isn’t that what love is?