• Ricardo Hartley III

love recognition .02

produced by love, a sense of doubt that gives the idea of letting go

making sense of the past life that has to leave

reaching for the ideal way of speaking those very words

those words…a guessing game.

Trial and error…neither right nor wrong

But the feeling... proving to yourself that is what you’ve always wanted

It’s that very feeling that pushes us into this far land of disappointment…

true love restores in a manner unfamiliar to what is natural, this isn’t natural

completely letting go of the very ego that holds us together

for partnership, no

this is all made up, made up, made up…

ego defines us, in a way builds us …. into gratification of connecting to the soul

a soulful capacity that’s filled whenever our eyes meet

falling slowly into the depths of this so-called everlasting version of love

those words splatter out onto my brain as your delicate whisper flow through my ear

tainted --- changed any way of removing those words from me

they are part of me now

I can never shake them I love you. it’s over and over replaying I love you

love stains the individual, those words, stained me, you, stained me

an unforgettable exchange

painting over every façade, every fantasy and produced me over --- raw

exposed… all of me

exposure caused suffering

exposed such a person that did not know how to love

but did

crazy. yes… crazy

thanking you and hating you in the same voice as I say it back

it gives validation that this is capable

that I’m capable