• Ricardo Hartley III


The innocence, the necessity

to be a child, naïve

the pigtails,

the two -black braided, nappy, tightly coiled pieces of hair made into the

framework of intense imagination

they are the looseness, the weirdness

the openness, of what it means to be free—truly free

Swinging, frolicking, and understanding themselves in the deepest manner there is

You never really question it cause it feels normal, right?

As time goes on, we lose some of IT.

Get older, somewhat wiser--- restricted in the name of self

Fucked up tendencies strays us away from IT

Prohibiting imaginative growth to fit a specific frame not made for our picture…

Not knowing.

What our picture is or was… it didn’t matter

the pigtails, those nappy pigtails

a reminder of what bliss is

What we call it ... ignorance is bliss.

Ignorant to the pain of experiencing LIFE

But the pigtails are… reimagining our story forgetting the bullshit

Expressing our self-righteous, egotistical, conceited habitual way of straying away from the world’s definition of what we should be doing

Given away by us to a world that does not want IT

braided up in the follicles of every told story of our mistakes, mishaps, and miseducation

the potential that comes from experiencing the blissful taste … knowing IT

completely aware of the makeup that’s plastered on our souls

painting stories and histories of our own coherent understanding of the human connection

to IT

pigtails, the dangerous involvement of self-awareness to make us whole again

wholeness is the definition of freedom

freedom is the virtue reaching for the heart in this individualistic story

of us.

Imagine that.. freedom